Veriflo Regulators


Veriflo 735 Series

735 Series Regulator -The 735 Series regulator offers a two stage, tied diaphragm design to provide a constant outlet pressure regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations - excellent for high pressure/low flow conditions. Configure a 735 regulator and obtain a quote!

 Veriflo 959 Series

959 Series Regulator - The 959 Series is a single stage tied diaphragm regulator that provides positive shut off if a leak across the seat occurs.  The unique compression member loading eliminates threads in the wetted area, thus reducing particle entrapment. Configure a 959 regulator and obtain a quote!

 Veriflo BRF5K Series

BFR5K Series -The BFR5K Series regulator is a compact, high flow, high performance Bulk Gas regulator designed for semiconductor processing.  The BFR5K provides a stable outlet pressure over a wide variety of conditions with flow rates as high as 5000 slpm. Configure a BFR5K regulator and obtain a quote!

 Veriflo QR4000

QR4000 Series - The QR4000 Series is a high purity, high pressure non-tied diaphragm regulator, recommended for use with any non-corrosive or non-hazardous high purity gas.

Veriflo Valves

Veriflo 930 Series

930 Series - The 930 Series valves are designed for ultra high purity applications for Semiconductor OEM and process wafer manufacturing. The 930 Series is available with a variety of manual operators and air operated actuators. The air operated actuators are provided with an LP (125 PSI) or an MP (300 PSI) operating range. Configure a 930 series valve and obtain a quote!

 Veriflo 935 Series

 935 Series - The 935 provides superior control of gases and liquids under high flow, low pressure conditions where absolute purity is essential. The 935 is a "positive retraction" diaphragm valve — an engineered feature which has reduced the surface area and entrapment potential inherent in bellows valves. Configure a 935 series valve and obtain a quote!

 945 series

945 Series - This was designed specifically for semiconductor process control and has all of the features and benefits of the 944 Series with reduced internal volume and body size. Configure a 945 series valve and obtain a quote!